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TRAW Network

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Introducing TRAW
   TRAW Network is looking to introduce a new and innovative way for communities around the world to transfer value with businesses by utilizing the Blockchain. TRAW Network is building a web wallet that will introduce a robust set of tools for utilizing and running the TRAW Network and nodes. TRAWs initial focus will be on introducing local businesses with blockchain based tools to reward new and repetitive customers of their business. Next, TRAW will focus on implementing a reward system that is based on the blockchain for poverty stricken communities around the world. This platform will allow homeless members of any community to get rewarded for contributing uplifting community services around their neighborhood or town. Our final area of focus is the youth. We at TRAW strongly believe that in order for Blockchain technology to last in our generation, we need to start taking the necessary steps to prepare the future generations.

New Coin Details

Total Premine - 25 million
Type - POW/POS
Algo - x13
POW - Blocks 1 - 12,500
POW Block Reward - 25 TRAW
POS - Block 12,501 - Onward
POS Block Reward - 2.5 TRAW
Blocktime - 60 seconds
Block Maturity - 51 Blocks

Port = 26178
RPC Port = 26174

Important Links

Website -
Twitter :
Instagram :
Telegram :
Reddit :
Investfeed :
Github :
Discord :

Download Wallet

Code: [Select]

Goals and Investment Spending

TRAW is looking to implement 3 tools for its Network.

The first tool is one for brick and mortar businesses. This new platform will allow businesses to create and distribute redeemable tokens/coupons with new and continuous customers. This will be made possible with a newly developed point of sale system that allows the transactions of these tokens to take place safely from business to customer and customer to business.

The second tool is a tool for community good. TRAW is seeking to revolutionize the way societies around the world approach homelessness. TRAW will develop a unique platform that allows individuals to demonstrate proof of community service. This platform will also offer practical training and employment resources for achieving independence from homelessness. This platforms mission is to empower individuals to achieve what once seemed impossible through blockchain.   

The third tool is designed to specifically reward students and kids. This platform will allow holders of TRAW to reward students that show exceptional skills in understanding blockchain technology, and reward the kids for doing chores around the house. This platforms main focus is on introducing the next generation of kids to blockchain technology. We at TRAW strongly believe that after school programs and activities can help better prepare the future generation for blockchain and iOT tech. The after school programs and activities will be implemented and designed with the help of Bitcoin and Kids Non profit organization.

TRAW DEX (When 10% investor reserve is met)
More information will be made available when the 10% Early investor sale is reached.

Distribution Model

TRAW Network started as a Waves Token, but after receiving more interest than anticipated we decided to move forward with phase 2 and just perform the swap early. Everything remains the same, only thing different is the POS rewards for holding your coins and helping maintain the network.

Airdrop Structure
40 Weeks of Airdrop
Airdrop start date : 09/03/2018
Airdrop end date : 07/12/2018

Participation points through Discord Mee6 bot.
Those who reach level 10 will be automatically rewarded with a stake in the airdrop pot. Every week will consist of a pot of 125,000 - 250,000 TRAW depending on the amount of participant for the weeks airdrop . As the weeks go by there will be a few other social media platforms introduced and will also be added to the recipients of the weekly TRAW airdrop pot.

Investment Options

Airdrop Immunity
Airdrop Immunity allows participants of the TRAW Network Airdrop to automatically qualify every week. Normally a participant will need to rank up by accumulating xp through a bot on Discord. The minimum level to qualify is 10. The minimum level is reached by participating in chats on the TRAW Network Discord community, which results in the bot rewarding you with xp.
Airdrop Immunity will also yield an extra 2.5% TRAW added to every weeks drop.

Price - 0.075 BTC

Airdrop Immunity Form -

Investor Status
Becoming an early investor of TRAW will grant you access to beta software that will be used within the TRAW Network. As an investor this will also increase your holdings of TRAW which automatically make you qualify for a higher share of the holders reward.
Investors that continually invest have an opportunity to take part in the direction we at TRAW Network want to take the project.

Price - Increments of 0.025 BTC

Investor Status Form -

Payment Addresses

Bitcoin : 1M8ASPSX2V3LuXtbNqcnPGafqz4QnrWQ6J
Bitcoin Cash : qrfpxqnxggrrf96626vene57flp898apsqxfnndcla
Ethereum : 0x6b2593B10d18b9604CA58cE440aa953D531FF2C6
Litecoin : LKTZGvuwTprBZKVfmBKjMxZooZYBfTWYuL

BTC - 1HNshqghjhPquXEWSrSo48gtom2hgZ3HFp

TRAW Network Swap Details

NEW-Airdrop Details
40% - Airdrop
Total New - 10 million
10% - Early investor
Total New - 2.5 million
10% - Bitcoin and Kids Nonprofit
Total New - 2.5 million
7.5% - Marketing
Total New - 1.875 million
7.5% - Bounties
Total New - 1.875 million
5% - Discord Staff
Total New - 1.25 million
5% - Telegram Staff
Total New - 1.25 million
5% - Devs
Total New - 1.25 million
5% - Holders Reward
Total New - 1.25 million
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