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Introducing a new and innovative way for people to transfer value with businesses by utilizing Blockchain technology.

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Community Oriented

TRAWs initial focus will be on improving the way relations are built between communities around the world using blockchain technologies.

New Approach

TRAWs model for helping the homeless people will introduce new tools and ways for the homeless to get back and remain on track.

Financial Literacy

Achieving Financial Literacy through a set of well designed after school programs that increases the knowledge base on blockchain technology and financial independence.

Focused on Community Businesses

Thanks to advances in the blockchain sector, businesses can become more attractive to everyday customers. TRAW wants to help evolve the way businesses use the blockchain to better benefit customers and community members.

A tool for community good

When communities embrace blockchain, every member of that community has a new shot at financial freedom. Financial success and empowering those who are less fortunate should be top priority for any community around the world.

Preparing Future Generations

The evolution of blockchain technology totally depends on how we prepare those who will continue to use it. And in order for blockchain technology to properly evolve we need to better prepare those who will use it next.

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